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Carol Lake Real Estate Office Corner of Main and Avenue C, Oshkosh, Nebraska

Carol Lake Real Estate

Lake Real Estate is located at 301 Main St, Oshkosh, Garden County, Nebraska. Our office is sited in the Panhandle of Western Nebraska, with the Sandhills and Crescent Lake Refuge north, and the North Platte River to the south. Agriculture, ranching and farming--is still Western Nebraska's #1 industry, but tourism is growing as an industry all over the state, and the beautiful North Platte Valley without a doubt will see development to that purpose.

Since the office opened in mid-October of 2001, increases in real estate values have been noted, as well as the volume of sales.

Our faith in Oshkosh's future led Carol to establish Lake Real Estate, and she guarantee's the area's traditional integrity, honesty, and trust in every transaction: homes, businesses, or land.

Carol Lake

Carol Lake

Carol Lake may be a newcomer to Oshkosh, but has 20 years of real estate background in Northern California. From commercial leasing, property management, to real estate listing and selling, Carol has been a broker 17 years and has owned her own business for over 16 years.

Carol is married to a long-term local rancher and plans to serve Oshkosh and the immediate communities for many years. She hopes her business relationships will benefit generations to come.

Gary Custer

Gary Custer

Gary Custer married Susan Bradley in 1961 while in The US Army in Colorado Springs. Gary and Susan have four children all living in Colorado. After the Army, Gary worked locally for Doug Olson, the US Post Office and in Ranching prior to going to work for MIDWEC in Oshkosh. After a couple of years at MIDWEC, Gary & Family moved to Federal Way Washington and worked as a Wing & Fuselage Inspector on the 727, 737, 707 and the first 747 aircrafts.

Gary & Family then returned to Nebraska and worked at George Risk Industries in Kimball as the Quality Control Manager and Manufacturing Manger. Gary was later asked to return to Midwec as the Quality Control Manager.

Gary worked for Midwec as Quality Control Manager and Manufacturing Manager and was promoted to Plant Manger in 1982. Gary worked as Plant Manger until 1985 when he accepted the same position at the Sidney plant. In addition to the products manufactured by Midwec this plant also produced telephone cable for national and international companies.

In 1987 Gary moved to Colorado as Director of Operations for Wright McGill Eagle Claw corporation. Gary also worked as Manufacturing & Marketing Manager for other Companies in Colorado before beginning his career as a Real Estate Agent in 1992 in Longmont Colorado. Gary has been a Realtor for over 15 years both in Colorado and Nebraska. Gary & Sue moved back to Nebraska in 2007 and presently reside in Lisco, NE. Gary is enjoying his association with Carol Lake Real Estate in Oshkosh.

Murl Mauser

Murl Mauser

Murl Mauser has been in real estate since 1976.

He has been selling farms, ranches, commercial and residential properties in Western Nebraska and Eastern Colorado.

Murl works out of his office is at 236 Vincent Street in Chappell, NE.

Murl's home is in Big Springs, NE.


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